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My Home Yoga Practice - 60 cards

My Home Yoga Practice - 60 cards

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Yoga cards to transform your yoga practice

My yoga cards are designed to help you get the most out of your yoga practice and give you the tools to create your own regular practice from the comfort of your own home.

Card features

  • 60 beautifully illustrated cards
  • Level poses
  • Step-by-step instructions 
  • Modification ideas
  • Mapping to key muscle groups
  • Alignment to the chakras
  • Alignment to the doshas
  • Guide to creating your sequences
  • The Sanskrit name of each pose
  • Ready-made sequences.

Designed for you

  • Build confidence
  • Build strength
  • Build flexibility
  • Build balance
  • Build a fulfilling yoga practice.

My Guide to Yoga Sequencing helps you to design sequences that flow seamlessly.

Yoga sequencing inspiration

Explore new postures, build your confidence and  deepen your practice.  Use the extensions and modifications to extend and lighten each pose.

Perfect for the beginner practitioner.

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