My yoga sequencing card decks

Sequencing inspiration

My yoga sequencing card decks inspire you to design safe, flowing sequences tailored to your individual goals.

Suitable for the beginner and advanced yogi, my yoga card decks are for everyone.

After your yoga mat, these sequencing cards are the next essential accessory for the conscientious yogi.


Yoga card deck with mala beads and yoga card deck box

Yoga cards designed for you

Each card is beautifully illustrated and has an image of the yoga pose. The step-by-step instructions guide you through each pose so you can practice safely.

Follow the easy-use guide to build your own yoga sequences or try one of the recommended sequences.

Every pose has variations to extend or lighten the posture to cater to beginners and those looking to deepen the pose. The cards contain recommendations of the poses to practice before and after each posture; which makes it super easy to build a sequence that flows.

Design your sequence

Use your deck to build sequenced that speak to your reason for coming to the mat and build a meaningful, regular practice.

  • Be safely guided through each pose
  • Build your confidence on the mat
  • Play with making your own sequences
  • Choose poses that compliment your ability
  • Develop a regular yoga practice that is fun!

Card features

These beautifully illustrated yoga card decks contain everything you need to add some soul to your sequencing. Each card includes:

  • Modification ideas for each pose
  • Mapping to the key muscle groups
  • Mapping to the chakras of the subtle body
  • Alignment to the doshas of Ayurveda 
  • The Sanskrit name of each pose
  • Ready-made sequences.

Yoga for everyone

The 60-card deck has level 1 poses and the larger 100-card deck has level 1, 2 and 3 poses. I have a yoga card deck to suit your needs and help you transform your yoga practice.

Woman holding yoga cards