Yogi smiling  holding yoga cards fanned out in front of her

Hi, I’m Clare,

I am a yoga teacher and a life-long student of yoga. I created The Shanti Shack as a way to ‘do my dharma’ and inspire others to take up the practice.

My dharma

My yoga card decks are created with yogis of all levels in mind. I love to inspire yogis to reach their goals by giving them the tools to practice yoga safely and confidently.

My practice

My yoga journey wasn’t always one of the mind and soul. As a teenager, my discovery of yoga was in the form of a fitness DVD! I soon realised there was so much more to yoga than what I could learn on the mat and promptly signed up to study eastern philosophy at university. After 3 years of studying ancient texts, I then travelled the world because I wanted to experience the cultures I had read about.

My gift

After completing my yoga teacher training, I went straight into teaching. Teaching yoga is such a blessing. Introducing someone to yoga and guiding them on their spiritual journey is a real privilege.

As a yoga teacher, I understand that everyone has a different reason for taking up yoga. My clients tell me that they take up yoga for fitness, mindfulness, recovery from injury and to cultivate positive mental health. From my own personal experience, I know that lack of confidence and the general pressures of daily life can be a real barrier to taking up a regular practice.

The birth of The Shanti Shack

I knew if I could help people overcome the barriers to practice, and make yoga practice fun, I could help more people discover the transformative powers of yoga. My yoga card decks allow everyone to practice with confidence, at their own pace, from their own home.

Let me help you to transform your yoga practice.