How to use your yoga card deck

Designing a yoga sequence is easy using my yoga card decks

Follow these 5 simple steps to design a practice that is tailored to your yoga goals and flows seamlessly.

Yogini kneeling on her yoga mat with yoga cards

1. Identify your intention

What brings you to the yoga mat? To build a sequence that is calming? To improve your balance? To build strength or flexibility as part of your practice?

Use the icons as a quick reference guide to sort your cards.

2.  Start with a warm-up

A safe yoga practice starts with warming up the body and ends by stretching it out. Using the key at the top of the card, put your cards in order:

  • Warm-up (WU)
  • Core poses (C)
  • Cool-down (CD).

Yogini holding yoga cards and choosing an individual card to use in her practice

3.  Build your sequence

Use the ‘Before’ and ‘After’ recommendations as a guide to developing your sequence with poses that complement each other.

4.  Tailor your sequence

Check for balance. Refer to the ‘Counter’ poses to match a posture with its contrasting pose.

Try out the ‘Beginner’ and ‘Advanced’ modifications to tailor each pose to your individual needs.

5.  Fan your cards to reveal your sequence

Lay your cards close to your mat and follow your sequence card by card. Use the alignment cues for each pose to hone your technique and practice safely.

Yogi standing on her mat with her yoga cards laid out in front of her